January 12, 2017

RE: Letter of Recommendation for Jennifer Nicole Anderson

Dear :

I am happy to present this letter of recommendation on behalf of Jennifer Nicole Anderson. My understanding is that Jennifer is enrolling in classes towards her master’s degree.

Jennifer is the owner of Jennifer Nicole Anderson, LLC. She started the firm in 2007 in Orange County, CA. JNA is an interior design firm specializing in both residential and commercial spaces. Her project designs, success stories and accomplishments with ASID Orange County are a testament to her passion as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Since 2016, I have worked with Jennifer as a business coach. My consulting engagement has focused on business operations. Jennifer and I have reviewed fee schedules, existing contracts, invoicing, and uncollected accounts receivables. Jennifer has been open and honest in operational areas that have impacted the financial performance. We have built a “business success roadmap” that she is currently implementing. The first step was terminating relationships with deadbeat clients (I expect design for free / I don’t want to pay) and deadbeat contractors. We have instituted new written contracts with clear statement of work and fee schedules including percent due on signature. Additionally, contractors that Jennifer has recommended are now required to sign a referral contract that includes a referral fee due to Jennifer. Finally, monthly invoices and tracking payments is sacred.

I highly recommend Jennifer Nicole Anderson in her continuation towards her master’s degree.


Scott Rebman